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10 things you should do before you graduate


1.       GO AND EXPLORE!
I was lucky enough to live in Bath city for three years and let me tell you, the place is so visually pleasing. I couldn’t just spend three years of my uni life staying indoors studying away, oh no, I just had to go and explore. So every so often I’d venture into the city. Sometimes I wouldn’t have a clue where I was going, but it didn’t matter because it was just nice to see what a beautiful city I was living in. So my friends just go venture out into the unknown of your town, city, wherever you live. Just go enjoy the place.

Whether it’s something you love or have never done before, get involved with a project. I absolutely love doing extra curriculum so I made sure I was constantly getting involved with different events and projects. Not only is this a way of adding a variety of skills to your CV, but it’s a brilliant way of networking and socialising.
I know this might sound odd, but hey ho you only experience uni once……go to uni in an onsie for a day. Don’t have an onsie you say? PJ’s will do (although I highly recommend you invest into an onsie) but yes, you’ve read that right I suggest that at some point in your uni life you rock up to a lecture wearing bed-wear! Not only is it the most comfy thing ever, but onsies are super-cool and everyone will just envy you as you strut through your lecture hall/classroom looking like a onsie boss. Okay maybe you might be a bit weary of wearing night wear to a lecture, so maybe grab a few mates and do it for charity. I organised a ONSIE4PUDSEY event, where I got a few people from my year to all come into uni in their onsies for Children in Need.
There is something rather pleasing about unexpectedly being caught in the middle of a flashmob; they can be the funniest thing ever or they could just be painfully cringey. So why not create your own! Whether it’s you and a 100 people in the middle of your town centre or just a couple of you and your mates your uni’s canteen, just go for it! Be creative, use costumes, props, animals, the wackier the better!
I never got to do this :’( but I wish I had, basically what you need to do is, after a lecture has finished just stand up and start clapping and get everyone in the room to join in with you. May sound silly, but you’ll just feel like you’re in an cheesy American teen movie scene & everyone loves those.
You don’t necessarily have to dress up in your best attire and have a sit down meal, you could simply just organise a bring’n’share. Basically just get everyone to bring a dish of some sort along with them, gather some money for a few drinks and then just enjoy each other’s company.
Apologises for the long title, but it’s pretty much self-explanatory; why not go on a date with someone who you wouldn’t normally go for. I mean, it may not work out romantically but you could make a new long life friend. I’ve made tons of friends that I thought I’d have nothing in common with.
Go watch the drama kids in their end of year play. Go watch music kids in their musical showcase. Go watch the sport teams and cheer them on. Just go and support your uni’s societies as a way of moral support, you’ll feel good about yourself afterwards J
Always wanted to paint? Always wanted to make a film? Always wanted to learn how to surf? Play a sport? Go rock-climbing? Go diving? Dance? Act? FLY? Okay maybe not fly, but have you always wanted to learn something new? Well this is your chance to! I’m 100% sure that your university will have a club or society that will allow you learn a new skill, so just go and find it!
University is a once in a lifetime experience, not only academically but socially, emotionally and mentally.  So why not use this chance to try EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING; just go crazy! Say yes to (almost) everything, just step out of your comfort zone a bit, and let yourself develop in the best way possible. That’s what I did, I just said to myself ‘you’re gonna try everything’ and I did and through this I’ve achieved so much more!

So guys there you have it, my list of 10 things you should do before you graduate! Just remember university is a ‘YOLO’ (I dare use that God forsaken word) experience so just go for it J!             

33 ways to stay creative.
I love that it’s not an even number of ways, but 33 ways to stay creative, If I was to have a serious case of OCD I’d certainly be freaking out saying ‘WHY THE MONKEY AREN’T THEY EVEN WAYS?’ but that’s besides the point. 
Even though I’m only half way through the year, 2013 has been such a blessing! I’ve developed so much as a creative individuals and I can honestly say it’s due to the fact that I decided that positivity is the way forward. The key is to continually allow your creative imagination flow and let take you to places you would never allow yourself to go. Us as people have incredible minds, not only academically but creatively and I don’t think society encourages this enough. It’s all about how smart you are, but in reality those who are truly successful are the ones who let themselves how a creative outlet.
I have this super awesome friend called Momoko Hill and she loves stuff like this and so she would send me things like this all the time and it’s helped me so much this year, I’ve achieved so much creatively and plan to continue to.
So my little friends, here are 33 ways to stay creative, even if you take each way day by day or week by week, it’s still something and you’ll feel so much better.
You’re pretty for a ‘black’ girl

Receiving and giving compliments is something that us human beings don’t do enough. I mean, we all like the feeling of being reassured and praised about our appearance, our personality, our careers and so on. But sometimes I feel that some compliments aren’t actually compliments, but more of a revelation. Let me explain…

You see, there have been numerous occasions where someone has come up to me and said ’ Oh you’re so pretty, for a black girl’. Now at first I was like ‘oh well that’s a nice of them to say’, but then I realised, hold the phone, for a black girl? I mean what’s that meant to mean? As a black girl can I not be pretty? Surely my skin tone doesn’t define if I’m pretty or not. Now don’t get me wrong, the majority of the time people don’t mean any harm by this and they don’t actually realise what they are saying, but I would never ever define someone’s beauty by their skin tone. It’s as if black girls are automatically ugly because of their skin and so when they see a pretty black girl it’s like ‘Whoa, you’re surprisingly pretty’.

That’s not right.

That’s so ignorant and totally not acceptable. I would never ever say ‘oh she’s pretty for a Asian’ ‘oh he’s cute for a white boy’ that’s not how it should be and that’s not how I plan to be. People need wake up and smell the 21st century society, skin colour is so irrelevant, if you have a horrible personalty than that makes you ugly in my eyes, whether black, white, Asian, mixed, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh. 

So the next time to want to give a compliment to anyone, just compliment them without using their skin colour, I assure you, they will accept it so much better.


You know what, people are annoying. People are self-centred. People are careless. People are mean. People are rude. People are annoying. People are hypocrites. People are undermining. People are evil. People are twats. People can be heartless. People are silly. People are disrespectful. People are bullies. People are bitches. People are back-stabbers. People are cold-blooded. People are assholes. People are pathetic. People are ugly. People are immature. People are stupid. People are angry. People are violent. People are unkind. People are hurtful. People are brutal. People are stuck-up. People are haters. People are spoilt. People are greedy. People are needy. People are frustrating. People can be sad. People piss me right off.

But, people can be kind. People can be sweet. People can be loving. People can be strong. People can be powerful. People can be inspirational. People can be creative. People can be tender. People can understanding. People can be mature. People can be helpful. People can be smart. People can be open. People can be insightful. People can be adventurous. People can be beautiful. People can be listeners. People can be nice. People can be lovers. People can be considerate. People can be pleasant. People can be polite. People can be considerate. People can be sensible. People can be happy.

People still piss me off though.



This is so clever.  Or maybe it’s just the English major in me that gets it.

yes. it’s only you, the english major who gets it
not the 200,000 other people who’ve also seen it
Yes I love acting, but that’s not the only reason why I love it.

So my lecturer, Chris Jury, made a very interesting point about actors who want to go into the acting industry. Now, I’m an actor who would love to get into the industry and I never really thought of this until he mentioned it. What he said was, 'If your love for acting is what makes you want to be an actor, then why not just go do amateur productions? why do you strive to be a professional actor, if it's the love of acting that drives you.’ 

I kinda sat there and thought, hold on, that’s a very good point. If the reason why I want to be a successful actress is purely on the factor of my love and passion for the art, then why have I spent pretty much the majority of my educational life studying, performing and learning about this industry? Surely I could have studied something like sociology (which I actually take a liking to) and then been in amateur productions on the side. However, that’s not what I want. I want status and I want to be that one actress that makes it…..like the hundreds of thousands of other wannabes out there. But to be honest, I’m willing to have to deal with that competition, because I don’t want to do acting as a hobby, I want it to be my career. It needs to be my career. 

So then, that made me realise, I’m not wanting to become a professional acting just on the fact that I love it, but because I want more from it. Now, I don’t particular want to be famous, because that’s a whole another type of hassle, I want to be a jobbing actor. I want to be booked into jobs after jobs, I want to be constantly on set, working like any other person. This is going to be my lifestyle, I want my income to be based on me doing this. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love acting, I mean if I didn’t I would do it, simple as, but actor’s need to remember that wanting to do acting has to take more than loving it, because like my lecturer said, then go do amateur productions, there are way more opportunities than professional ones. 

All in all, I’ve come to realise that if anyone was to ever as me ‘so why do you want to become a professional actor?' I can and I will reply with

'Because, not only do I love it, but I want status, I want to earn a living from it and I want to make it my career.'

and not care what people think of me. At the end of the day, I’m sure there are loads of people who do the jobs they do not only based on the fact of them loving it; they must also want the status and the money that comes with it. I mean who wouldn’t want earn a decent living from the thing they loved? I certainly would!